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High Street Has an Award-Winning Film!

Audience Awards Jury Film

Our short film for Rapid Print & Marketing, a small business located in Victor, NY, recently won a 2017 Jury Award for the GoDaddy / Audience Awards Small Business Stories Video Contest! We're thrilled to have made the final top 10 out of 194 total contestants.

The goal of the contest was to highlight small businesses and the people who have created them through documentary-style shorts. After an initial round of audience voting (thank you to our wonderful viewers who voted us to the top!), a GoDaddy panel of jurors selected the final 10 winners.

Telling Rapid Print’s story through this film, and on the Audience Awards platform, was an overwhelmingly rewarding experience. It didn’t exactly come without its challenges—how do you tell the story of a 30-year family legacy, with all of its grit and humor and heart, and do it justice? But the opportunity we had to compete alongside so many other talented filmmakers, and to reach larger audiences—both for our film and for Rapid Print—was nothing short of amazing.

Rapid Print is doing important work for small businesses every day. It’s an inspiration to see this organization thrive and persevere in an industry so many say is “dying.” In every aspect of this film, we wanted to capture the heart and soul of this small business—the sheer power and endurance of the machinery, the precision of human hands doing work they love, and a certain lightness and freedom that comes with owning a business (like wearing Hawaiian shirts and bringing your dog to work). Also important was the juxtaposition of the opening statement, “print is dead,” with the lively movement and buzz of busy printers.

We're grateful to GoDaddy and Audience Awards not only for supporting small businesses with such a unique and engaging contest, but for encouraging and challenging filmmakers to participate more intensely with their work, to let their hearts get close to their subjects, their stories, and their audience.

Are you in need of a promotional video for your business that drives real results? Contact us today to learn more about our video production services.

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